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Ignore at your own peril

Messy desk with a laptop, rulers, wires, a hammer, and a hard drive.
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What Every Productivity System Has in Common

Yellow sticky notes on black desk — a common sight at startups for brainstorming ideas, organizing thoughts and tracking task
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How a misunderstanding of the power of habit can lead to a struggle in building new habits

A man in business casual clothing eating a jelly doughnut with jam on his tie.
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Sooner or later, we all eventually realize that teachers are not the all-knowing, omnipotent beings we once thought they were.

A hand holding chalk and writing on a green chalkboard
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A solid background with plastic squares that have a single letter on each of the squares arranged to spell “Finally Free”.
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Death to Stock

Death to Stock

You Can’t Control Everything

And Are They Justified?

What assumptions am I making, and are they justified?

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Paul Le

Lifelong learner and problem solver |

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